Having an SEO is not enough, you need to keep a check on its working. Fash 21 Marketing Agency brings you the link Audit services Dubai that helps you with the evaluation of your SEO strategies. We have a team of professionals in the field who offers you the best link Audit with comprehensive reports and suggestions.


To get the best of optimization and digital marketing, it is necessary to have a foolproof backlink structure. Our team at Fash 21 Marketing Agency go through the backlink structures in detail. They Evaluate the link system, remove all the flaws, and get you the right results in the end. The experts use the latest tools and expertise to build some effective and real-time strategies for your online marketing that pays off with the best results.

What Is A Link Audit?

Backlinks are one of the integral parts of SEO services and strategies. It helps to generate more traffic for your web page. Moreover, the ultimate backlinking helps you to get better search engine ratings. In the case of poor links, you may have to face the consequences. Link Audit Dubai is about the evaluation of backlinks and checking their quality. It helps to make your SEO worthy and workable for business marketing. Fash 21 Marketing agency offers you reliable Link Audit services that make your SEO strategies work efficiently.  

Get comprehensive insights about your website backlink infrastructure

The SEO audit Dubai team will go through your website backlink infrastructure. It is important to study the links and their connections. In the fracture, the professionals from the technical and content department will go through the technical and content aspects respectively. They take care of all the important things and look deep into these.

Compare and Evaluate

After getting the basic and in-depth information about the backlinks, the professionals compare all the points and evaluate them. The process involves debates, discussions, and the use of many other tools. In case of ambiguity, the team takes much time to finalize the report and gives you the best possible guidance about the backlinking.

How Link Audits Work?

At Fash 21 Marketing Agency we keep the SEO audit Dubai clean and transparent. Here are a few steps we follow in particular: 

The team evaluates all the domains linked to your website. Considering all technical and content points we evaluate the real-time and fake links. 

Following a documented procedure we request the webmaster to remove unwanted or fake links and send reconsideration requests to Google. 

Our team takes care of the removal of links and takes all the measures that help to secure your site. 

The procedure is time taking and delicate so our team makes sure to give it attention as much as required. 

Constructing An Effective Link Removal System

The major problem for your optimization is the poor backlinks contain multiple problems. These are not helping the optimization in fact cause problems. The links can deviate the traffic to some unknown sources or make your site questionable. Our SEO audit Dubai team make sure to construct an effective link removal system on the basis of the following:

Tracking Problems

Our focus is to identify and track the problems with the links and traffic flow. It helps it identify the problematic links that are affecting the whole optimization procedure.

Content Issues

When the content is shallow or scrapped it can cause problems. You may get penalties or rejection from the platforms. We make sure to identify the issues with content and fix them. 

Technical Flaws

There can be some basic coding or technical mistakes with the links. It is necessary to identify these issues so you will be able to get the right results. Small technical mistakes can actually cost your website too much. That is why we pay close attention to such matters.