Fash 21 Marketing Agency offers you the Free SEO Audit services that help to evaluate your website’s SEO from scratch. Our expert SEO consultants Dubai perform an evaluation of your site and give the report. This free service is there to help you know the factors that cause problems with your website.


Free SEO Audit is an essential service for the performing website. You are in need of these services if you have: 

The trouble with website ranking ,Not getting traffic ,Facing optimization issues These are the topmost threats to a site and you can only get rid of them when you are keeping a check on the site’s SEO.

What is SEO Audit Service?

SEO Audit is similar to a link audit. It is a reporting system that helps you to know the standard or level of SEO. it is not necessary that all the SEO strategies are working fine for your site. Sometimes things go wrong and you do not have any idea about them. The audit services help you to evaluate the loops in the SEO strategies and fix them on time. Fash 21 Marketing agency offers you the free SEO audit so you can have the site evaluation for free.

Free website assessment

Our team of professional SEO auditors go through your website and assess all the technicals. They look into the content, images, links and many other components of the web page. 

Identification of on-page and off-page factors

In the SEO strategy, on-page and off-page SEO plays a great role. If both strategies are not working together you will not be able to get the right results. The team will identify the factors and evaluate whether they are working well or not. 

The Comprehensive Report

In the end, you will get a comprehensive report. The report contains details about the website components, 10 Crucial Seo Ranking Factor, current strategy, and its loops or benefits. Additionally, you will get some recommendations for improvement. Our officials do provide a quotation for your webpage SEO with the best possible outcomes. 

Why Choose Us?

Fash 21 Marketing Agency offers you a chance of a free SEO Audit with transparency and confidentiality. We do not charge anything and our professionals take care of your site. Along with highlighting the loops, we do mention all the best parts of strategy by keeping it transparent and unbiased.