Fash 21 Marketing agency gets you covered with the best social media platform Facebook marketing. We offer the ultimate marketing strategies for Facebook that connects you to the potential business clients and partners as well. Facebook Business is the next big thing for you to grow in the industry.


Facebook is not a heavy platform; the Facebook marketing requires things to be balanced and light. We make sure to keep things light and for every user. Therefore, you will be having responses from multiple people at the same time. The messages and content we produce for marketing is just perfect for your targeted audience.

Converting Your Fans To Paying Customers

The Fash 21 marketing agency team makes sure to enable your fans into paying customers. Having millions of likes and audience on facebook page doesn’t make a count unless you are not getting direct benefit. Being a pioneer Facebook marketing agency Dubai we bring you the result driven campaigns. The strategies and messages encourage your page audience to take services or buy products. Using the platform we keep them engaged in all the marketing activities and ensure results.

Responsive Strategies

For effective results on Facebook, it is necessary to have responses from the targeted audience. When you get a good response, it will be displaying the success rate of the campaign and public interest as well.

Creating The Right Hype

We believe in creating the right hype on Facebook using the marketing techniques. Our team makes sure to bring the good deal of information and engagement of the people. Giving the solid references and reasons to people Fash21 brings you the right results with effective responses.

Organic Facebook Posts

Organic facebook posts that we offer are a key to reach the effective and long lasting engagements on facebook. Our team researches and plans effective posts to increase the overall page engagement with the potential consumers. We keep these posts real and interesting so there will be good results.

Page Engagements

There is an in-house social media strategy team at Fash 21 Marketing agency that ensures to keep track of page engagements. The team creates plans to engage more visitors and enhance post reach by making it viral for all the good reasons.

Facebook Events

The Fash 21 marketing agency team ensures that we organize facebook events that engage more audience. These events are the tools to develop public interest in your products or business. It is a public call to gather potential consumers at one place and introduce your brand to them. We make sure to organize interactive and engaging events on Facebook.

Facebook Wifi

Being a creative agency, Fash 21 marketing agency ensures the use of all latest Facebook tools. Facebook wifi is one such mode that helps you to reach out more of the fans and visitors. We make use of the mode to progress in business.

Facebook Live Video

The best thing about Facebook is its connectivity with people. You have the opportunity to let your fans and followers interact with you directly. Our team arranges specific facebook live video sessions to interact with the audience. We do prepare pre-recorded videos but prefer to have informative, entertaining and engaging live sessions that pays off well.

Facebook Messenger

Your brand’s facebook is not just a page, it is like your social media store. Facebook messenger is one of the convenient methods of communication for business. It lets you share invoices, shopping details, promotional messages, product inquiries and feedback as well. We ensure to increase your message response rate to the maximum level.

Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are one of the centerpoint to create a brand community. These groups work for many brands at a time by targeting a specific community. Our facebook marketing team target the community centric groups related to your brand and promote the products or services there. By offering them exclusive packages, discounts and engagements we enhance the brand awareness among them. 

Facebook Ads

Building a strong facebook presence is not so easy. Being the leading marketing agency dubai we make sure to combine all the latest brand promotion tools at once. To make your facebook campaign successful we use the post optimization, reach and facebook ads althogather. Facebook ads are one of the tools that lets you reach out to the targeted audience in time. We set the audience limits for you to present your brand successfully on digital landscape.